Smart solutions for a sustainable industry

The industrial impact on the environment represents a major concern worldwide and consumers are increasingly involved in the protection of nature, imposing new trends in the plastics processing industry.

EXPO PLAST 2021 keeps up with this trend and comes with an attractive concept – Smart solutions for a sustainable industry – which focuses on sustainability, innovative equipment and smart plastic processing solutions.

Automation, robotics and cost reduction

The major companies from the plastic industry focus more and more on automation, in areas such as injection molding, plastic processing or even equipment supervision.

The software installed on the injection machines is constantly being improved, this approach being the key to increasing productivity, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

The demand for reinforced plastic application is constantly growing

Reinforced plastic enjoys an increasing popularity worldwide due to its versatility and durability. It is widely used in many industries such as automotive, construction, medical and even military, offering a reliable alternative for metal components.

Recycling and biodegradable plastic in the era of the ecological revolution

The recent studies from European organizations show that from 2040, all plastic packaging across the European Union will be 100% reused, recycled, and /or recovered, and by 2030 the rate of reuse and recycling of plastic packaging will reach 60%. In this context, European producers have already set ambitious recycling targets for the coming years.

Discover the smart solutions proposed by the leaders in the industry at Expo Plast 2021

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